Thursday, May 17, 2012


Today the first and second graders conducted surveys to determine their classmates' favorite bugs.  We have been practicing how to conduct surveys for a few weeks, and this has been their best performance so far!  It was really fun for them to walk around with their clipboards in hand and collect data.  They also got some good practice with communications kills because, of course, in order to collect data, you have to talk to your friends (I know, sounds easy...but it is a hard skill for young children!).  What a fun experience!

Game Day!

Mrs. Moran's class came today to have our annual "Game Day."  Each year Mrs. Moran's fourth through sixth grade students plan, design, and create a game based on their interests.  Once the games are completed, the class chooses a day to come to our room and try out their games with our students.  All of them just LOVE it!  We really enjoy seeing some of our former students return and show off all of the skills they have learned.  What a great time we had!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sidewalk Fun!

Well, we are certainly close to the end of the year, and that means that the students are getting excited to be finished.  We have really had to be creative to keep their little minds attentive!  We needed to practice our welded sounds, but wanted to do something fun so that the kids would be engaged in the learning.  What better way to hook students than to use sidewalk chalk?!?  That is just what we did...and the students LOVED it!  We will definitely be doing that more next year!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bar Graphs

We have been graphing like crazy with the first and second graders!  Last week we graphed crayons.  The students were placed in two groups and had to work together to sort and graph their data using a bar graph.  They really enjoyed working together and they did a fantastic job completing their bar graphs.  After they had completed the graphs, they had to answer questions about their graphs by interpreting the data they had collected and recorded.  It was a great opportunity for learning!