Thursday, February 23, 2012

Graphs Galore!

Our third grade students have been learning all about graphs.  Today they worked with partners to collect, sort, and graph data.  Then they answered questions about their data.  They had a blast (which is a good thing, because we are doing it again tomorrow)!
Kearstin and Matthew hard at work.

Dylan and Zoey made a great team.  They did some really good thinking.

Saylor and Caden got right to work.  I was especially proud when they got stuck on a question and referred back to their notes from the day before instead of just coming to me for help.  Way to go!

Our two brothers worked very nicely together on their graphing project.

Bailey was absent yesterday, so Mrs. Shepherd caught him up on the process so that he can join his group tomorrow.  He made it look easy!

A sample of our data collection sheets.  The students will complete five different stations with their partner before the project is finished.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rock Around the Clock!

We are learning about telling time to the hour and half hour.  We played a game called "Rock Around the Clock" to practice.  While I played music the students walked (or danced) around the room.  When the music stopped, they had to stop at the closest desk.  Each desk had a paper with digital time written on it.  The students had to draw the matching time on the analog clock to stay in the game.  They had so much fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  What a fun and exciting day for the students.  Mrs. Head, Mrs. Shepherd, and I had these treats waiting for the students when they came in this morning.  I think they enjoyed the treats (a sucker and a glo bracelet).  Have a wonderful weekend Raiders!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Something New!

We have decided to start a new blog!  We can't wait for you to share in this journey with us!  We are hoping that this blog better represents "us" as teachers and as a class.  We also think that this format is a little bit more "user friendly" than our last blog.  This blog should load faster than our old blog as well.  So sit back and enjoy our new blogging adventure!