Reading Videos


A couple of great videos to learn about sneaky or magic "e!"

Great practice video if you are new to our school, or if you need to practice your phonics sounds!

Color Song for Kindergarten students!

A good video to practice sight words with your kindergarten child.

This is a fun video that we use with our kindergarten students to practice letter naming and counting to twenty.  Enjoy!

This is a great way to learn new vocabulary or sight words.  When we learn something new we want our brain to see it, say it, hear it, and feel it.  That really makes something "stick" in our brains.  Try this at home when you are practicing tricky works!

Not sure what a welded sound is?  Then you have come to the right place!  Watch this video to see what we have learned about welded sounds!

Here is a great video to demonstrate how to read two syllable words.

We practice digraphs almost every day.  These are an important part of reading for beginning readers.  This videos can be played while your child practices along.

Here is a great video to practice letter-keywords-sounds.  These are great for students who need reinforcement and also for students who may be new to the school. Great for daily practice!

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  1. Unbelievable, Mrs. Berry! You are an amazing teacher! Thank you for investing so much into our kids! We love the pictures of "learning in motion" and the videos. It is such a relief to have this resource as a fun learning tool. My kids all crowd around the computer to see Mrs. Berry!!
    Kori Stoller