Friday, October 25, 2013

We Are Getting Smarter Every Day!

We have had another week full of learning and full of fun!  I am convinced that Wayne Trace Raiders are the BEST students of all!  Our students work so hard each day and their hard work is paying off!

First graders learned how to use whisper phones this week.  These allow everyone to practice their independent reading without creating a great deal of extra noise in the room.  Additionally, when our brain is able to hear what we are reading, we can better process the information.  The students loved these and they were very responsible in using these new reading tools!

We also worked to use our hundreds chart to review before, between, and after with numbers.

The students absolutely love to work in math stations!  Here, Olivia is practicing subtracting 1,2,3,4 and 5 from a variety of numbers.

Another exciting event was when first grade finally got to log on to Xtra Math for the first time!  They loved it and they ask to practice their math facts every day!  This program can also be accessed from home.  Please ask Mrs. Berry if you want more information about how to do that!

Second grade has been working with money.  We have worked on sorting coins, identifying coins and values, and counting coins using touchpoints.  On this day, we were playing a game called, "Piggy Race."  The students had to correctly count the amount of money they landed on or they had to move back.  I think they had so much fun that they totally forgot they were learning a new skill!

And last, but not least, our third graders tried out my super sonic flashing thinking spectacles!  We had to look at word problems with a critical eye to make sure we found and understood all of the important information.  I think these glasses really helped! ;)

Friday, October 18, 2013

OAA's, Money, and More!

Wow!  We have had a very busy and productive week!  The third grade reading students worked with Mrs. Head on completing practice OAA tests.  Test taking skills are a large part of instruction so that when the test comes, students are at ease with the procedures for successful test taking.  In math, the second and third grade students have been doing money explorations and first grade has been busy learning what subtraction is and how to write and solve subtraction sentences (equations was the fancy math word we learned this week!).  Make sure you read all the way to the end of the post, because Mrs. Head's reading class has just finished reading a play and they have made a video of their reading practice with this play!  So fun!  Thanks to all parents and students for another fun and successful week!
Third grade OAA practice with Mrs. Head.

Using hundred charts to count back change.

We also discovered that there were lots of ways and combinations to make the same amount of change!  Look at all  of the different ways we discovered to show $0.81!

Second grade went on a money hunt and had fun counting money in an activity called, "Count the Room."

First grade enjoyed working with a partner to create subtractions sentences (or equations)!


Friday, October 11, 2013

A Full Week!

We have really enjoyed having a full week with no delays, cancellations, or other "odd" days!  The students have been a pleasure to work with!  Take a look at what we have been up to:

The first grade reading students worked so hard and diligently on their very first Unit Benchmark Test.  I was so pleased with their achievement on this test.  It is a testament to the effort they put forth each day and the dedication that their parents and families have shown in helping them be prepared each and every day.  Here, they are working in their "offices" on this test.

Third grade has been working on money.  As an introduction, we made money booklets.  The students "aced" them and we were able to move right on to counting money!  We could certainly tell that their second grade teachers had them well prepared for this task!

First graders learned how to read with a partner.  We learned that we should be pointing to words and that we should take turns, sit shoulder to shoulder, and give our partners strategies (tap it out, look at the picture, write it in your hand) rather than just giving them the word.  I was so proud of them...they are such a responsible group!

Finally, in math we learned that addition sentences can be written vertically as well as horizontally.  This is trickier than it sounds, but we are getting it!  Dominoes were perfect to use for mastering this new skill!

 We are so thankful for another great week with these sweeties!

Mrs. Berry :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

This "Odd" Week "Added" Up To Great Learning!

With a fog day on Monday and two hour delays on Tuesday and Wednesday, we had a fast week, but we made the most of our time here at school!  We have been especially busy in math!

Second graders worked really hard learning all about odd and even numbers.  We made it a delicious learning opportunity, by using mini marshmallows to make different numbers.  We then made a chart to sort odd and even number!  Very fun...and they are really getting it!

Our first graders are learning how to add.  We have learned lots of new math vocabulary words, such as "sum," "join," and "addends."  We have been doing many hands on activities to help the students visualize what addition is.  They are doing really well!  

Connor discovered that six is an even number!

The anchor chart that we created to remember all of the important things we need to remember about odd and even numbers.

It was hard to do all of this sorting with those delicious marshmallows right in front of them, but they worked hard all the way through the lesson!

Kadee discovered that seven is matter what we tried, we couldn't get two equal groups!

Zevin, Jazmyne, and Blake were sure concentrating deeply on modeling their addition sentences.  We also learned that we can refer to an addition sentences as and equation...they mean the same thing!

Kayson, Madelyn, and Donavin
Braden and Olivia have got this figured out!

Jayce and Brooke working hard!