Spelling Lists

Want to play a fun game on Spelling City with your words?  Click this link and get started!

1.  Click the link above and it will take you to Spelling City.
2.  Click on the blue tab at the top that says "Find a List."
3.  Scroll down to the "Advanced Search" box and type in "Michelle Berry."
4.  Click my name and the weekly lists will pop up.  From there, you can play games, take practice tests, and do all kinds of fun activities with your words.  Enjoy!

 Spelling for Group 1: Week of  5/5/2014
1.  how
2.  town
3.  down
4.  now
5.  brown
6.  clown
7.  frown
8.  crowd
9.  growl
10. cow

Spelling for Group 2: Week of 5/5/2014
1.  ham
2.  jam
3.  am
4.  can
5.  fan
6.  man
7.  an
8.  ran
9.  ban
10.  pan

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