Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching Up

Whew! We have been so busy in class that we have barely had any time to blog!  We have snapped a few pictures and videos along the way.  Here are some things we have been up to:
Emily is working on her addition skills with this turkey math paper.  The students have been working on using a variety of strategies to solve addition problems.  Emily likes to "load" the bigger number into her brain and count on.  What a great strategy!

The whole group busy working on those turkeys!  They had so much fun that they barely knew they were practicing addition skills!

These second graders have been working on two digit addition.  Here, we were modeling regrouping with place value blocks.  Students modeled the addition problems and then voted on whether regrouping was necessary or not.  They really caught on to this!

The first and second graders have also been working on the reading fluency.  Here is a sample of their oral reading skills.  We think they are coming along very nicely! :)