Thursday, February 20, 2014

100 Day Fun!

We recently celebrated 100 days in school!  This group of students has been a pleasure to work with this school year!

We took our pictures and used an app to see what we might look like at 100 years old.  The boys and girls wrote about what they thought they might be doing at 100 years old...they had some great ideas!

We also made predictions about how many times TJ could jump in a 100 seconds.  It was a LOT of times!

We had a selection of snacks and the students had to make 10 different groups of 10 and count to 100 on their grid (and, of course, we had to sample our snacks after our counting!).

We checked to see how many times Kadee could write her name in 100 seconds....

Wow!  Chase really jumped a whole lot in 100 seconds!

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