Friday, February 28, 2014

A Full Week!

Well, we finally made it to a full week of school, and it was WONDERFUL!  It was so nice to get into a routine and have nice, full days to get our work completed.  We were busy this week!

Jayce improved SO much on his computation assessment, that we just had to call his mom and tell her what a great job he did!  She was so very proud! Way to go, Jayce!!

We worked on contractions during our station time.  These are hard, and we are continuing to practice so that we can understand these tricky words better!

In second grade, we have been exploring solid figures in our geometry unit.  Today, we traced the flat surfaces to discover what plane shapes we could make.

In first grade math we started our "Rocket Math" program.  This will help us keep track of the math facts that we know quickly and fluently.

We use whisper phones to say the facts while we write them.  This helps our brain to learn the facts better and faster because we are seeing the fact, saying the fact, hearing the fact, and writing the fact.  Great way to hit all of our different learning styles!

 Here's to another great week!

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