Thursday, February 6, 2014

We've Been Busy!

With all of the delays and cancellations that come with winter weather, we have been making the most of each and every moment that we have together at school!  Take a look at some of the learning that has been happening in our classes:

Recently, first graders participated in learning centers, which is a fun Friday activity in which we often engage.  Students worked in small groups to compare and contrast chickens and cats, using Venn Diagrams.  They also worked with compound word puzzles, which is a great way to visualize how compound words are made from two words put together.  Finally, they work on catching up on independent work and reading.  It was a fun day!

 Second grade has still been hard at work with two-digit subtraction! They are really starting to get it!  Here, they are making it "rain" subtraction...very fun!

First grade has been learning about symmetry as a part of our geometry unit.  They put the concept into practice when I gave them a picture with half of their face!  They had to try to draw the other half of their face, while trying to maintain symmetry.  It was a fun challenge!

Our third graders have been working on multiplication.  We played a fun game and used counters to make equal groups and show multiplication.  I won't say who won, but it wasn't me! ;)
Finally, the first grades used rulers to draw lines of symmetry.  Using those rulers as math tools was definitely harder than it looked!

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